Lipoelastic PI Special Comfort Bra

$ 99.00

  • Seamless cotton post-operative compression bra designed for all types of breast surgeries
  • The bra features a wide rubber and elastane band under the bust preventing the bra from chafing or rolling up in any way. The band is designed to be so soft that it appears as a continuation of the bra itself and does not interfere with scar tissue
  • A higher décolletage covers the entire chest; after augmentation (breast enlargement using implants) it stabilises the position of the implant and helps it to cling to the breast tissue
  • Material composition: 59 % Cotton, 32 % Polyamide, 9 % Elastine
  • Available in white and black

View a short video below on how to measure and determine the correct size of the Lipoelastic bra.