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Breast Forms

ABC Style 10225 Massage Form

Made with ABC’s new satin skin this one of a kind breast form provides therapeutic massaging action to help stimulate lymph flow.

The back of this breakthrough breast form features channels of silicone gel that aid the in circulation  of the lymphatic system and creates paths of air circulation, making this breast form cooler than other asymmetrics. This asymmetric design also provides a secure fit for less shifting in the bra. Fills in lateral deficits. Best worn with a supportive bra.

Colour: Blush    Average fit . Sizes 3 to 12  Right or Left designate

Benefits of the Amoena Contact with Comfort Plus

Style #381

  • Attaches to the skin and moves with the body
  • Stays in place with every movement
  • Relieves pressure on the shoulders – especially important for women with lymphoedema or a larger bust
  • Easy wear and care
  • Provides more freedom in clothing choices like low cut-dresses
  • Gives a woman more security and self-confidence

A light weight breast form has the following benefit – a noticeable relief of weight for larger breasted women.

It is also recommended for lymphoedema and back tension.

Now with Comfort+

Due to the integration of a temperature balancing material selected shape/cup form combinations of Amoena Contact offer:

  • Improved wearing comfort
  • More pleasant skin sensation
  • Improved adhesion

Important note:

Skin that has recently undergone surgery and radiation therapy is extremely sensitive. Therefore, we recommend self-adhesive breast forms only after follow-up treatment


Styles #340 and #341

Let your body breathe:                                          

  • During exercise and sports
  • In warm climates
  • When experiencing hot flushes

Enjoy ultimate breathability for all-day comfort.

Feel great thanks to the benefits of new Amoena Energy breast forms:

  • Maximum air ventilation and evaporation
  • Constant freshness and comfort, thanks to antibacterial silver technology
  • 30% more Comfort+ for improved temperature regulation
  • Light weight silicone (over 30% weight reduction, compared to Amoena’s standard breast forms)


Benefits of Amoena Individual Comfort

Style # 374

  • The soft mouldable back layer adapts individually to an uneven chest wall for a close fit and added comfort
  • Moulds gently to a woman’s chest wall in accordance with the body’s movement
  • The back layer retains its shape when there is no movement
  • Front layer keeps a natural shape
  • Weighs up to a third less than traditional breast forms of the same shape, offering exceptional comfort.
  • Helps to reduce tension in the neck and shoulders, and is therefore particularly beneficial for women with a large bust or who have been diagnosed with lymphoedema following their breast surgery.
  • Ideal to wear for sports and swimming.


Now with Comfort+

Style Natura Light  2 s 390

Due to the integration of a new patented highly sophisticated temperature balancing material Amoena Individual now offers:

  • Improved wearing comfort
  • More pleasant skin sensation

Benefits of Amoena Natura

Designed to give a more natural feeling and appearance

  • Moves naturally with the body and flattens when a woman is lying down
  • Quickly warms to body temperature

A light weight breast form has the following benefit – a noticeable relief of weight for larger breasted women.
It is also recommended for lymphoedema and back tension.

Anita 1151X Amica Supersoft with Flexi-Gap Fold

Can be used on both sides.

35% less weight!

Very soft , even more natural surface due to a new velvety  and snug foil skin.

Trulife 477  Harmony Silk Flex

Versatile – can be positioned in any direction for optimum fit.

Works well with underwire bras.

Symetrical Heart-Shape

Sizes 1-14   Fit: Average to Full

Amoena Partial Shapers

Varia is one of many partial shapers. They are used after breast conserving surgery  or  reconstruction. They curve to match the body shape and fill the bra cup perfectly.


Advanced Breast Care. Light Triangle Shaper. Style 11242

This shaper features the exact footprint of our triangle breast forms, but has a hollow back that covers the entire breast area. Covered in a luxurious satin skin, it’s helpful after breast-conserving surgery or reconstruction.   Sizes 3 -10



Advanced Breast Care.  Memory Foam, Swim Form. Style 916

 Made of highly innovative memory foam, this form is the first breast form of its kind for postsurgical recovery. Memory foam molds to your body. This lightly weighted form can also be worn during leisure activities.                Sizes 1 – 12



Anita Partial Style 1157X 

  • Multifunctional compensation breast form  


  • Smoothes uneven tissue
  • Compensation for cosmetic defects, lack of volume
  • With tendency to lymphoedema
  • With tendency to perspiration
  • During radiation therapy
  • For large-scale tissue defects or as compensation after full mastectomy
  • After partial or restorative breast surgery
  • Sizes S – XXL