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Hello from Felicity


I have just had a hilarious week listening to some  fantastic stories from our customers whose breast forms have come to a premature end.

One of my favourites is the one about a lady who reached down into the freezer cabinet at her local supermarket and to her and other customers surprise her prosthesis just popped out and landed among the peas, beans and chips. Unperturbed she just reached in, pulled it out and placed it in her trolley. There were no question asked at the checkout but I am sure the security video would have been entertaining. After a good laugh together I recommended next time she try an attachable breast form or at least use a pocket in her bra.

I have also been writing down lots of other funny experiences shared by our customers who have  a great sense of humour. They include; “My grand-children used it as a football after drawing on it.”  “My dog buried it in the garden.”     “I almost put the spade through it when it fell out while gardening and mine floated past me at the beach.”

Do you have any stories you may be willing to share?

I look forward to hearing from you


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